The Biomass Polices project aims to develop integrated policies for the mobilisation of “resource efficient” indigenous bioenergy ‘value chains’ in order to contribute towards the 2020 bioenergy targets set within NREAPs & 2030, and other EU27/ national policy measures. It will do so by capitalising on the knowledge of three recent studies (Biobench ; Biomass Futures and the recent (2012) study from European Environment Agency ) and through concise collaboration with selected Energy Agencies (in the participating countries, i.e. AT, BE, DE, EL, ES, HR, IE, NL, PL, SK, UK) and key stakeholders from the policy and market fields.

In the framework of the project, scenarios and sensitivity cases will be analysed to address the question:
“How can we use biomass resources efficiently, facilitate the abatement of sustainability risks and at the same time deal with competition?”

Based on the scenario assumptions the cost-supply estimates from the Biomass Futures Atlas will be further up-dated and used to assess Member States NREAP targets for 2020 and new mitigation targets towards 2030 using the ReSolve model.

The work started in April 2013 and is ongoing until March 2016.

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