May 202014

Biomass Policies Workshop SUSTAINABILITY” and “mobilisation”

14 May 2014 – Science 14 Atrium, Rue de la Science, 14b, 1040 Brussels

The Agenda for this workshop and copies of the presentations given are now available for download here:


AllenB – Biomass Policies – May 2014_sml

De Nie Dutch Energy Agreementmay14


Holst_140514 AEBIOM Straw Denmark

IINAS (2014) Sustainability Framework for bioenergy – BiomassPolicies WS May 14 Brussels

Kutas20140514 EU Biomass workshopGKUTAS

Oehlmann_Presentation_biomasspolicies_14.05.14_Oehlmann (2)

Panoutsou_Biomass Policies 114th May introduction CP

Peter Wilson – SBP slide summary Version 5 14.05.14



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